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2801 SW Walnut, Blue Springs, MO 64015

From I-70

Exit at the Blue Springs Woods Chapel exit and go south. Turn east on Walnut.

From I-470

Exit at the Blue Springs Woods Chapel exit and go east. When you arrive at 40 Highway, go east. Turn north on Woods Chapel, then turn east on Walnut.

From 40 Highway

Turn north on Woods Chapel and turn east on Walnut.

The church is on the north side of Walnut across from the Blue Springs Cemetery.

Sunday Worship, 10:45 am
Sunday Bible Study, 9:30 am

For current activities, check our Events page.

Every denomination has a set of beliefs with many carrying over between other groups. In the Nazarene church, we are Wesleyan-Arminian in our thinking and doctrine. That’s the technical, theological term! We have 16 Articles of Faith from Scripture that we hold to be absolutely essential. These are beliefs…convictions…that will not change as our culture & times do. They are foundational to who we are and to who God wants us to be. Click on the link below to go to the official Nazarene website and read the Articles of Faith.

The other item I want to touch on are the core beliefs of Blue Springs First Church of the Nazarene (BSFCN). These don’t look like the above items, although we very much hold to them. These 3 items really pertain to our mission, our reason for existence, as a church right here in Blue Springs.

We believe in reaching the lost. This means we believe Christ died for every person and wants everyone to come into a relationship with Him. We are supposed to be a part of that work. In fact, we have been created, called, redeemed, and formed for this work. This will happen, largely, as we are a Christ-like community right here in our neighborhood. Our desire to be part of this work comes from our love of God and people. We genuinely love people, want to get to know our neighborhood/community, and let them know God loves them.

We believe in making disciples. You see, we can’t just stop at people becoming Christians…God wants us to enjoy a journey with Him where we learn and grow. So, our desire is for each person to become more and more like Jesus Christ. We invest much time & energy into our discipleship ministries, so we can be in a growing relationship with God. All of us come alongside each other to learn about faith, prayer, God, and more. This growth takes place in a community of people relying on God to help them live out their faith in real life, facing real problems.

We believe in helping the hurting. God has made it quite clear that He loves & cares for those who cannot help themselves, who have no resources, and He fights against injustice. We align ourselves with His heart and believe we must be at work in our neighborhood & community to help those who are hurting physically, emotionally, and more. We look for ways to be a help for people and share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Church of the Nazarene Articles of Faith


Jonathan Weathers, Lead Pastor


Lynette Holt, Worship Leader

Jana Steinke, Youth Pastor