• We have started a new curriculum this year called EPIC.  Where we started from the beginning of the Bible with Adam and Eve and we will go all the way to Revelations!We offer classes every Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am with three age groups:
    • Nursery – birth to three years old
    • Pre-K – ages 3 to Kindergarten
    • Early Elementary – first and second grade
    • Middlers – third and fourth grade
    • Pre-Teen – fifth and sixth grad

    There is also a Pre-k Kindergarten class offered during our Service hour.  As well as nursery for infants and toddlers ages 6 weeks to 3 years.


Simply put: We love and serve God and our world.

This is a place for students to explore God’s Word, engage with others and embrace God’s mission.  Together, we are discovering how our stories are a part of God’s story.  We aim to cultivate a creative environment where students can learn through discussion, study, action, and reflection, as they grow in their love for God and others.  “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

We worship along with the whole church on Sundays at 9:30 am and in our own distinct fashion Wednesday nights from 6:30-8: 00 pm.

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Sunday Morning Bible Study Fellowships


Joy Class

Leader: Don Bowers

Ages: Senior Adult

Studying: WordAction quarterly

Our class, The JOY Class, is more than the study of the Holy Scriptures, we are about as Brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are a care and support ministry.  We are here to reach out to all that has a need with prayer and love and encouragement.  Putting our faith into action is our #1 goal in our class.  We start our class with prayer request and praise report.  We study from the book Faith Connections and using the Bible as our sanctifying truth of knowledge, prayerfully allowing the Holy Spirit to give us insight in all that we say and do.


Leader: Howard Penrod

Ages: 55+

Studying: WordAction quarterly

Our teaching is traditional, yet thought-provoking.  We see themselves as fun-loving, and part of the M&M group (Mature & Marvelous).

Common Ground

Leader: Kevin Williamson

Ages: 45+

The Common Ground class provides a place for those parenting adult children, helping elderly parents and grandchildren while finding their own place in God’s world and kingdom.  Each session features sharing in prayer and teaching from scripture. Currently doing a survey class of the Old Testament is underway with a different book featured weekly. Videos, background history, and other information are presented with the goal of better understanding scripture as we better understand the life and times that brought the Word into being. The teaching style is informal and conversational.


Leader: Adam Spriggs

Ages: Any

The Connections class follows a schedule of Bible passages.  We read the passage for each week and try to answer the same 6 questions: 1) What did you like about what you just read? 2) What didn’t you like? 3) What hidden truths did you find? 4) What character did you associate with the most?  5) If you were to apply what we’ve learned about God to something in your life this week, what would that look like? 6) How can this story be used to build trust in someone you know? Discussion is open-ended and focused on understanding the truth below the surface and how it applies our lives and families.  We have a lot of fun, and it’s not always because of the snacks.


Leader: Sid Cox

The Sojourners class is a multi-generational small group that enjoys thorough Bible study in an atmosphere of acceptance and discovery where Scripture is examined in its historical and cultural context. From these studies flow relevant and life-impacting discussions and personally beneficial insights.  The class is for anyone yearning for a Bible study of depth and relevance.  Our class motto: A text without a context is a pretext. Come meet with us Sunday morning and join in the fun.

General Studies

Leader: Jonathan Weathers

Ages: All

Studying: Bible passages, open discussion

Looking for a place to serve? We’re always looking for able-bodied and willing spirits.

  • Worship Team
  • Media Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Ushers, Greeters
  • Property Maintenance